Monday, September 29, 2014

Saint Michael and all Angels

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ, 

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14
 Or: Revelation 12:7-12ab
 Psalm 138:1-2ab, 2cde-3, 4-5
 John 1:47-51

Some people think of angels as cute, feathery little cherubs with golden curls. But today we celebrate the Archangels, the highest of all the angels - huge - powerful - ready for fierce spiritual warfare! St. Michael heads the "shock troops" of angelic warfare against Satan. Fighting like an angelic Rambo, in the name of God himself, Michael is invincible - and he will protect us from Satan.

 Then there is St. Gabriel, the archangel who had the happy task to visit the Virgin Mary, give her the good news of God's plan to send a redeemer, and await her answer. Today the good news of Jesus still needs to be spread, and we can pray to St. Gabriel to help us do it, in our own "sphere" where we live and work each day.

Finally, St.Raphael, the patron of good health, safe travel, and happy meetings, 
especially for spouses.St.Raphael  is also our perennial "travel pal", who accompanies us on our journey, just like he did for Tobias, which you can read in the old Testament book of Tobit. And when you are sick, you can turns to St.Raphael. All of of can ask his help, in all these ways. 

 Just think! We can invoke the help and protection of these three powerful archangels wherever we are and whenever we wish - what an awesome privilege! What a wonderful help! So, today, let us praise God and rejoice that He gives us the mighty Archangels to intercede for us. 

In the sight of the angels I will sing Your praises, Lord! May my praise join with all the angels of heaven to honor You! And may the archangels protect and guide me in my life here on earth, until I can meet them together with You in heaven. Amen.

Father Ed Bakker 
Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province 
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne 
Bendigo - Australia