Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday after the second Sunday after Easter

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ, 

Acts 8:1b-8
 Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a
 John 6:35-40

After reading the Holy Scripture for today, I am moved to think about two somewhat differing thoughts. First, that the early Church and its believers were persecuted, and second, the will of the Father is that all might be saved - persecutor and persecuted alike.

 They are timely thoughts, for even in the secular news, we hear almost daily about the murder of Christians, and from the pulpit and Anglican Catholic  media, about forgiveness and the mercy of God.

 As challenging as it is to reflect on these thoughts, to act on them and not just think about them is even more challenging and it is our Christian duty.

 How shall we fulfill that duty? I for one will try to love everyone, even those who don't like me and who irritate me, recognizing that the love of God extends to them, and that I, in turn, am probably an irritant to them.

 And mostly I will pray that my life will be a life of prayer and that with me and in me and through me the will of the Father might be accomplished.

 Father Ed Bakker 
 Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province 
 Mission of Saint Aidan of Lewisfarne 
 Bendigo in the Central Goldfields 

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