Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday after Gaudete Sunday

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ, 

Zephaniah 3:1-2, 9-13
 Psalm 34:2-3, 6-7, 17-18, 19 and 23
 Matthew 21:28-32

 We have in the First Reading a startling illustration of the dichotomy between the faithless and the faithful, and the end each can expect because of the paths they have chosen.

 Life really does boil down to the choices we make and not so much to what is beyond our control. That perhaps explains why the gift of our free will is so magnificent and at the same time fearsome. It can lead us from dark circumstances into those of light, from oppression to freedom, from hate to love, from condemnation to mercy or sadly; just the opposite.

 During these beautiful days of spiritual anticipation may we become more firmly convinced of God’s goodness and the plan He has for our ultimate happiness and well-being and cooperate with Him by the God-centered choices we make.

 Come Lord Jesus!

 Father Ed Bakker 
 Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province 
 Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne 

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