Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The First Sunday after Easter, also called Low Sunday - 3 April 2016

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ,
Last Sunday 3 April 2016 was called " The first Sunday after Easter" or " Low Sunday"As you will understand that the congregations on EasterSunday and LowSunday vastly differ, i.e. there less and less people attending Mass , Low Sunday is probably a good way to call this Sunday.
I think that such a situation can be prevented. I feel that if our Catholic Faith is truly
a "Resurrection Faith", then we would all be on fire right throughout our lives and Mass would be well attended on the Sunday, indeed every Sunday. Because Easter is the most important feast in the Church, it is the message of our salvation from death, it is the message that Christ conquered death and in this way He has opened to us the gates to everlasting life.
The late Father Paul Harvie had such a Resurrection Faith, a man of Faith , a man of many talents, who died far too early in Scotland some years ago now. Through his "Resurrection Faith" he received enormous strenght and courage to face suffering and death, because he knew that through Jesus Christ all things change, even death.
"And if it's true, no end is death,
Mid Lent is passed and Easter's near,
The greatest day of all the year.
When Jesus, Who indeed had died,
Rose with His body glorified.
And if you find believing hard,
The primroses in your Churchyard
And modern science too will show
that all things change will they grow,
and we, who in time will be
Still more changed in Eternity.

Father Ed Bakker
Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Launceston, Tasmania

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