Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday after Trinity Sunday

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ,
1 Peter 1:10-16
 Psalm 98:1, 2-3ab, 3cd-4
 Mark 10:28-31

What is it, that you hope for?
 The response to this question is probably as varied as the people who take the time to answer it and even varies from moment to moment and day to day.
 The mere fact that what we hope for may change from time to time, indicates a certain amount of inconsistency either in our thinking, if not in the circumstances of our lives. With so much fluidity, is it any wonder that people can be a bit frazzled in their search for happiness and security?
 Holy Scripture reminds us that the one constant factor in our lives is Christ and the consistent outpouring of His love and mercy. Turn then, in all the circumstances of your life, in all the varied changes, all the varied challenges, to this touchstone:

"Set your hopes completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ."
(1 Peter 1:13)

Father Ed Bakker,
Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Launceston on Tasmania,

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