Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anglican Catholic Mission Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne - Launceston Australia - my plans

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ,
I am writing tonight about my plans for the Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne here in Lauceston , a Mission of the Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province.
In September this year I was going to have the use of a Church building and the way all this came together was through God's blessing, but as I moved here from Bendigo earlier this year , I have yet to get a band of faithful Parishioners, who would support me also financially , so that we can meet the weekly rent and also our tithe to our Diocese, who have to pay indemnity insurance for us.
My plan , and may God bless me is to build up a network of Parishioners and Houses Masses  ( my other work as Missioner towards the sick and suffering continues ) until we in a sound financial position to sign a lease.
If you are an Anglican Catholic in the Launceston area , I would love your support , if you are looking towards establish a more Traditional Anglican Church, then I would love to have you too. Even better , if you are considering to give your life to Jesus Christ , see me  and work together with me towards the establishment of His Kingdom here on this earth.
If you are interested in this Mission , please contact me, we shall have  a coffee and talk and pray about it.
Visit my blogspot for more information
If you have friends who could be interested please let them know.
With every good wish in Christ,
Father Ed Bakker Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Launceston Tasmania

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