Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Father Ed Bakker

Dear Friends,

Ashwednesday, beginning of Lent
of forty days of repentance and reflection,
to share with our brothers and sisters.
Let us be mindful that that we do not look back to the past in this Lent
back to our mistakes and how we could have done better.
Let us look forward.

What is then waiting for us ?
We are going towards Easter.
That is new life, that is be set free
from all of what makes us miserable human beings.
does it not fill us with hope to look forward to that ?
Forty days to prepare our future !
That is a time full of hope and inner desires.
Forty days we are on the move together
towards Easter,
towards a new world
will you come with me?

Father Ed Bakker,
Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Launceston, Tasmania

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