Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Fifth Sunday after Easter

My Friends,

A blessed Sunday. My apologies for no message last Sunday, this is due to family illness.

Readings: St James 1, 22-27 Be doers of the Word, not hearers only.

A great deal of trouble and misery in the world we live could be prevented that not more Christmas are in fact not adhering to this portion of Scripture.St James tells us that if one does listen by the Word and not live by it one is like a man who sees in the mirror the face he was born with and away he goes, never giving another thought to the man he saw there. Yet on the other hand if he becomes a doer of the word it wins him a blessing.

There is a catch, if you are a doer of the Word and you cannot control your tongue then you are deluding yourself and the service you have given is in vain.

Here in Australia we have a number of Christian politicians, but with recent scandals in media you really see that they are not doers of the Word. Would it not be hard to be a Christian and a politician at the same time? If there not more doers would we not see an improvement to our health care and care of the aged? Would there be less loneliness and despair?

We just celebrated Easter - God has done so incredibly much for us. Can we show Him our humble gratitude and offer Him our Service,pure and unblemished in His Sight?

Fr Ed Bakker

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