Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feria on the Tuesday - do not be deceived

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ, 

Luke 21:5-11

See that you be not deceived. . . . (Luke 21:8)

 If we are sitting at Jesus' feet today and really listening, we will hear clearly that He has told us absolutely nothing whatsoever about the end times. In fact, this is one of those times when I suspect He was smiling inwardly as he rattled off a list of signs and wonders that could be applied to most times and places on Earth, before and since.

 The important point here is "Be not deceived." There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of sages and prophets who came after Jesus who have been perfectly willing to give people a guided tour of the end times.

 Jesus doesn't want us to spend our time thinking about that. It isn't important. It will come when it will come. But one thing we can be fairly sure of: anyone who claims to know the time is a person to steer clear of. Let's not spend our time that way then. Let us instead spend our time loving Jesus as though the end of time were tomorrow. That will never be a waste of our time. Stop looking to signs and wonders and look to Jesus instead.

 Father Ed Bakker 
 Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province 
 Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne 
 Bendigo  Australia