Thursday, June 20, 2019

Corpus Christi

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ, 

1 Corinthians 10:16-17;
 and John 6:51-58 

Often we consider ourselves blessed because we are Christian. We
feel ourselves not like the rest of humankind. This is a nice and
triumphant feeling, is it not?  But then, how are we the Bread
given for the life of the World? Let us stop a moment. Let us
reflect on this call of Christ. Let us celebrate His call more
fervently, at least today.  

The other day, I saw a flock of birds. They swooped down and
perched on the roof top opposite my window. They chattered
noisily. Then suddenly, as a group, they flew off!  
It strikes me that even we humans move along in clusters of
groups. I often marvel at these groups. It might be age or
interest or work. Even we humans move like a group. It is not
just a herd-mentality. It is something more. There is laughter or
sadness. There is excitement  or dejection. There is a goal or
sometimes just listless wandering. But there is a group. Fall out
from a group --- that is really near impossible.  
The Feast of the Body of Christ refers to both the Body of Christ
as well as to all those brought together in Christ.   
Each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we not only proclaim
Christ's Suffering, Death and Resurrection, but also the
Suffering, Death and Resurrection of the group brought together
in His Name.  
Further, not only do we proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Way,
the Truth and the Life of the World. We also proclaim that the
group celebrating the Eucharist is the Way, the Truth and the
Life of the World.   
Lastly, not only do we proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Living
Bread given for the World. We also proclaim that we, Christians
world-wide, are Life given for the World.  
Our calling as Christians in the World of today is awesome, very
Can we say that we bear ourselves as responsible for Life?  Can
we say that we are beacons of Light for those who grope in 
Darkness?  Can we say that we are Rays of Truth for those
shadowed by  the clouds of gossip? Can we say that we are signs
of creative Life amidst rotten and difficult situations?  Can we
say that we are the clear, running waters yearned for by the
people who inhabit this Earth?   
Yet, the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ is all this to the Earth.  
He who begot Him, led His People out of slavery.  In a waterless
place, He gushed forth water from the hardest rock!  
The Body of Christ was pierced so that streams of Living Water
could quench the thirst of all peoples of this Earth.  
He and His Father shared their Spirit with us, so that we
Christians could be Rays of Light amidst Darkness, Bearers of
Truth and Justice amidst Untruths and Injustices and, most of
all, Eternal Hope and Life amidst  the cycles of Despair and
Can the World  today say of us Christians: He who lives with
Christians tastes Eternal Joy, Justice, Peace and Goodwill? 

Father Ed Bakker,
Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province,
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

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