Monday, May 31, 2021

Trinity Sunday 30 May 2021


My Friends,

Readings: Matthew 28, 18-20, John 3, 16-18

Three persons and one God: how can this be ?

How many books have been written about the mystery of the Holy Trinity?
And have we also become wiser from that? Augustine, who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries, was a bishop, theologian and church father and found that the mystery could not be phantomed. This is namely a part from a gospel of Matthew: Jesus asks his disciples to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and the Spirit, many Bible scholars believe that these words of Jesus were put in His mouth by Matthew.
But that occurs more often in the stories about Jesus, but they are in the spirit of his Good News.

The Holy Spirit of God the Father, together with His Son Jesus, forms the Holy Trinity, which can be part of us life, because after all we are all 'children' of God, and we can meet the Message of God, who wants good for everyone, giving hands and feet in our own way and according to our own possibilities in our life for others. And for that we need the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father and His Son Jesus, who inspires us and and so God becomes a little visible in every person who lives well, and who keeps us moving on the road
which Jesus led before us in the Spirit of his Father.

 No one has ever seen God, not even Jesus in his earthly life,so you cannot say that you know God and know who He is, His perception changes according to your age, and what you've been through all in your life. God is sometimes compared to the sun: you cannot look into the sun because then you are blinded, but around you you can see everything as it is illuminated by the sun. You can't see God, but His light does shine in Jesus, called the Son of Man of God, when you look at Him, you also have an image of God for in Him He nevertheless became visible, through His goodness to those in need and attention to the weak and hurt. He was like a Son who was really kind to his Father, God's Spirit was in a special way working in Him. A lot has been written about the mystery of God, but if you don't look at the wonder of it life, the beauty of nature and the good that people do for each other, then you see nothing of God's face in the world.

Our Father in Heaven, made brilliantly visible in His Son Jesus of Nazareth, wants in the Spirit become visible in each of us, if we are receptive to it. But when our minds and hearts are full of all kinds earthly things and things, then it becomes more difficult to pay attention to spiritual matters about God. And there lies precisely the big problem of this time, many are so busy with all kinds of things, that God has the opportunity their 'emptiness' does not get to be filled with his presence, and then you often hear: God does not exist. But God does exist well, however many can no longer find Him because they have no more room for Him in their lives. While it says written, "I am with you every day until the completion of this world," and only God alone can give that guarantee.

Fr Ed Bakker

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