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Christ the King - 31 October 2021

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Christ  King
JESUS began his public life by announcing His Kingdom. "The Kingdom of God is at hand! Reform your lives and believe in the Gospel!" [Mk 1:14]. The Kingdom of God is primarily spiritual. Its final realization consists in the union of all the blessed in the possession of God in Heaven. 

Entrance into this Kingdom comes through the acceptance of the Gospel message by faith and the receiving of Baptism. Christ's Kingdom is not a worldly kingdom. The name by which the Kingdom of God is most commonly called is the Catholic Church. It is at once Divine and human; on earth and in Heaven. Small as a mustard seed in its beginning, it was destined to become catholic, that is, to embrace all the earth or to be universal. This concept of the Catholic Church as the one universal Kingdom of God makes it evident that there can be only one true Church, just as there can be only one true Kingdom of God. 

The Church is Jesus Christ, living on and acting in the world through His duly authorized ministers, until the end of time. He gave to His Church a form, an organization which would enable it to carry on His work on earth -----to teach, to rule, and to administer to the souls of men. 

Membership in the Kingdom of God is the most precious thing that a person can possess. We must regard it as a pearl beyond price and gratefully sacrifice for this gift. 

Jesus Christ is our King -----all things have been created in Him, through Him, and for Him and as the Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, He is the perfect image of God.

It is of faith that Jesus Christ, as Man, has the fullest spiritual power, leading to salvation, establishing the Church and her Sacraments, and disposing of all graces in the supernatural order. In virtue of the union of His human nature with the Divine, He possesses still greater power, which is the foundation of His Kingship. 

We, as individuals, must strive to be subject to Christ the King most perfectly, in mind, will, and heart, because we were purchased at the price of His Own Precious Blood. Christ must be King of the home and all human society. 

Fr Ed Bakker

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