Saturday, January 3, 2015

Of the Octave - The word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters in Christ, 

1 John 2:29–3:6
 Psalm 98:1, 3cd-4, 5-6
 John 1:29-34

The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us.
 To those who accepted Him
 He gave power to become the children of God.
(John 1:14a, 12a)

During this holy season, it's good to reflect on the immensity of God becoming man.

 Just think -- the Word of God -- the second Person of the Holy Trinity - became human flesh like us.

 He came to earth in a certain time and place, and lived among human beings -- eating, sleeping, walking, and talking among us. That is unfathomable! Yet, there's more -- to those who accepted Him, He gave power to become the children of God.

 Wow! Talk about a loaded Scripture verse! 

 That the almighty God would not only come and live among us, but that we could actually take the action of accepting Him, and wait, there's more -- by doing so, become children of God! How totally amazing is that!

O Lord, 
 help me to grasp the meaning of who You are, what You have done, and what that means to me. It's too much for my tiny human brain to comprehend. So, Lord, send Your Spirit to give me at least a small understanding of this awesome reality. For I am Your child, calling God, Father; You, Jesus, my Brother; all in Your Holy Spirit.

 Father Ed Bakker 
 Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province 
 Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne 
 Bendigo Australia