Thursday, October 20, 2016

Saint Paul of the Cross.

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ,
Today we remember Saint Paul of the Cross. I am sure that many of us don't know
much about this Saint.
His original name was Paul Francis Danei and he was born at Ovada in 1694.
In 1720 he underwent a process of spiritual enlightment, in which it was borne unto him that he was called to found a congregation of missioners whose life and work should be specially centred on the Saviour's cross and Passion ( hence the name
Passionists) In 1727 he was ordained Priest in Rome and started the first Passionist House in Tuscany.  The story goes that Paul of the Cross was always interested  in the religious state of England: the leader of the first Passionists to work there, Father Dominic Barberi ( died 1849) who received J.H.Newman into the Roman Catholic Church, was beautified in 1963.
Would you not agree that in this age of indifference to religion all of us could certainly do with a process of spiritual englightment, that we get really shaken up about living a more passionate Catholic Christian life.
Saint Paul of the Cross , pray for us all.
Father Ed Bakker
Anglican Catholic Church/Original Province
Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Launceston TAS

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